Shuguang 6L6GCR Replacement Power Amp Vacuum Tube / Valve  12.99 
Shuguang 6L6GCR Replacement Power Amp Vacuum Tube / Valve

Beam power tube 6L6G, 6L6GA, 6L6GB and its plate power dissipation can reach 19W. For audio frequency amplifier, it can be used as class A and AB amplifier. At the same time, these tubes also can be used rectifying circuitry. These tubes are compatible with 5881 and 6L6GC, and can be substituted with each other.
All of our vacuum tubes are directly come from the Shuguang Electron Group Co., Ltd. HunanChina; it is 100% factory price. No agent, distributor, or any mediators, etc. in between the buying process. All vacuum tubes are passed the strict quantity test of factory of Shuguang. Any tubes are come with a qualified certificate of the SHUGUANG factory.
If you purchase 2 items, we can offer a matched pair vacuum tubes (Matching fee is Free). If purchasing 4 items, we can offer Quad matched vacuum tubes (Matching fee is Free). The matched tubes are under a precise measurement and instrumentation of original factory of Shuguang factory.

Filament Heating

UH: 6.3 V
IH: 0.9

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