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Analogue MXR 10 Band Graphic Equalizer. Warm & Organic Sounds. Perfect Working Order!  89.25 
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It's a very quiet and powerful tool to tailor the sounds that you need for your guitar or amp
It can be anywhere on the chain between the guitar and amp further tailoring the guitar sound. It can also be in the effect loop of the amp tailoring the sound after the preamp.
The unique thing about this fantastic equalizer that is built like a tank is that it does not have an input gain stage or an output amplification stage like most modern equalizers. Essentially all that it does, and in a glorious graceful way, is boost or cut a frequency of your instrument or your amp at any point of the signal chain.

It is one of those pedals that instantly, at the moment you use it, you feel the quality and you know that your gear sounds fantastic. it is powered directly from the main - 220/240W. I have two like this, they are very rare. This one comes with free delivery, so be quick and grab a bargain full of amazing sounds!



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"Great smooth transaction. Item as described. Thanks - TC Electronic Nova System Guitar Effect Processor with Flight Case"


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