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Here is the fantastic Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp version 2 in perfect working order  795.00 
Here is the fantastic Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp version 2 in perfect working order!
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Digital disbelievers scoffed at the very idea of packing five 12AX7's and 25 years of tube tone heritage into one rack space of pure magic...but there they are...five little tone bottles, glowing quietly-all too ready to rock the house. Eight separate modes deliver the elusive creamy gain of the Mark I, the heralded focus of the Mark IIC+, the scooped Rhythm of the Mark IV, and the heinous crunch of the Rectifier. But these are just a few of the classic sounds at your fingertips.

Most programmable preamps start with a digital control circuit and then adapt the audio to fit the confines of the digital framework. We weren't about to compromise the audio just to take the short cut. Instead, our three years of research produced a new patented technology which preserves in every nuance and detail the exact audio elements which made these classic sounds in the first place.

Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp Features:

· 5x12AX7

· 8 Modes (MK I/Vintage Fat Clean, MK IV/Hyper-Clean, MK I/Lead, MK I/Gain Boost, Fat Recto, MK IV/Medium Gain, MK IIC+/Classic High Gain & MK III/Searing Gain)

· 90 User Preset Locations/128 Midi Program Locations Midi In/Out/Thru

· Midi Continuous Control (any or all parameters

· Midi Data Transfer Phantom Power (for Footcontroller)

· Programmable FX Loop w/Stereo Returns

· 4 Programmable Function Switches (Controls Smart Power™ "Deep, Half Drive or Modern" on select MESA Power amps or controls other outboard gear)

· Stereo Main & Recording Outputs

· 1 Rack Space

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