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Severe Tone Freak Effect Medium Gain Overdrive to Full Blast Mean Distortion!!! NEW  144.95 
Severe Tone Freak Effect  Medium gain OVERDRIVE to Full Blast mean Distortion!!! new in box + manual take 9 volt DC ready to rock. New in box multi features pedal one of the best around! Have a look at the glorifying reviews and amazing demos and reviews on YouTube.
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SEVERE™ represents Tone Freak Effects™ answer to heavy distortion! The SEVERE™ starts at medium gain and only gets higher from there with plenty of gain on tap. The 3-way toggle up top adds different flavours of tone with asymmetrical, symmetrical and no clipping options. The 3-way "Brite" switch changes how bright the Tone control can get, which allows you to use SEVERE™ with different styles of amps.

Unlike some other high gain distortion pedals, SEVERE will never turn your tone into a compressed, mushy mess. SEVERE™ maintains a more open sound and allows string articulation to shine through. Dropped-D players will notice the low-end whump and top-end sizzle. Players looking for a stand-alone solo pedal, don't have to look any further... no stacking with other OD or distortions pedals is necessary with SEVERE™.


I was busy packing for NAMM when the phone rang, it was a close mate who felt he had to tell me about this new pedal he'd just be playing with. 'It's called the SEVERE from Tone Freak and its outrageous!' said a very excited voice down the phone. Interesting for two reasons, one, this guy doesn't like pedals and two, he rarely gets excited. 'OK, I'll check it out' I said and resumed packing. Ready to head to the airport I made myself a brew when the phone rang again. A thick German accent greets me excitedly as another mate exclaims, "Daniel, you have to try the SEVERE, it's unbelievable". "Frank", I said, "you had me at hello". Pied Piper Pedal I managed to get hold of Dereck Tabata, the owner/designer of Tone Freak Effects who agreed to meet me at NAMM and to bring a SEVERE for me to try out. I must admit I still get excited at the prospect of finding something new in a stomper I've not heard before, but when we sparked the SEVERE up, well, I was not the only one excited. Heads turned, and the people flocked. If there was ever a quiet moment I simply had to pound a few riffs through the SEVERE, and we'd be busy for the next 20 minutes explaining 'what on earth was that!'. So what is it? The SEVERE is a high gain pedal that simply excels at great heavy rock tones. 

It's a distortion pedal that works with an open sounding amplifier to create tones that sounds like the amp is just about to die and take out everyone in the room with it. 

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