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Fully Loaded Dimarzio Area 67, 58 & Super Distortion Humbucker SSH Staggered Single Coil Noiseless PickUps  195.00 
Fully Loaded Dimarzio Area 67, 58 and Super Distortion Humbucker SSH Staggered Single Coil Noiseless Great Tone. Additional 5 Tones on top of the Strat Sound (via Push/Pull Potentiometers)
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NEW Scratchplate! NEW Electronics, Used PickUps in Perfect Working Order
Product Description:
A Brand New Fender Stratocaster Scratchplate with the immortal, legendary Dimarzio DP151 Super Distortion and two DP415 in the middle and DP419 in the bridge. The area PickUps are basically staggered so that they are noiseless. No hum occurs with these PickUps and the sound of the Dimarzo area is clear with punch and definition. Used by many pros. The potentiometers are CTS500, the volume is very smooth. Both tone knobs are push/pull. one is splitting the humbucker to single and the other one is engaging the bridge PickUp (be it a single or humbucker with the neck alone, or all three PickUps) so you get ten sounds - all usable. The additional sounds to a standard stratocaster are very telecaster sounding. All potentiometers are new, the 5 switch is a new top-quality American made model.

The scratchplate is ready to be put into the guitar; solder one or two cables, adjust the PickUp heights, peel the protection film and you are done and ready to rock!

You can read more about these superb PickUps on the Dimarzio website: DP151 -, DP415 -, DP419 -

This is a fabulous tone machine with 5 cool, punchy and clear strat-like sounds (noiseless) and 5 extra (mainly Tele) sounds.

The price I am asking is what the PickUps alone without the scratchplate, electronics etc. so grab yourself a bargain now!!

Postage and packaging (UK Mainland Only) for this item is 9.25Click here for international delivery details


What our customers say...

"Just in from work and arrived home to a new guitar! Happy days - looks great, can\'t wait to have a play this weekend. The Vox SSC-55 single cutaway solid body electric guitar. mint, sounds amazing!"

D. Absolom

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