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Rockett Pedals Flex Drive Guitar Effects Pedal. Brand New in Original Box!! Only 109.95 - BEST Price on the Web  109.95 
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Rockett Pedals Flex Drive Guitar Effects Pedal

Brand New In Original Box

There are glowing reviews on the web and fantastic demo videos on YouTube. Here is a link to get you started: 

Product Description:

Here we have a brand new Flex Drive; the most versatile overdrive pedal of the Rockett Pedals bunch. 

This is their attempt to achieve the "Malcolm" sound - which is one of the best rhythm tones ever. However, the Flex Drive will get you all the way to VH-2 which happens to be one of the best lead tones ever.

Luckily enough, all of the tones in between can be achieved - From amazing blues, to great country as well - That’s why it is called the Flex Drive. This is just an incredible tool for studio and live performances.

Rockett included a "FAT" switch so you can customize the Flex Drive to Single Coil or Humbucker Pickups.  With the switch to the right the “FAT” effect is off and with the switch to the left the “FAT” effect is on.

There is 3 way treble switch for voicing your highs. The middle position offers no treble cut and the up and down positions are 2 different treble cut values.

There is also a 3 way clipping switch. The middle position takes all diodes out - ideal for clean boosts (It is recommended you bring the gain down in this position). Up or down selects a different diode for different clipping sounds.

It is recommended that you start the Rockett Flex Drive with all control knobs at 12:00. When you apply a clipping diode you will have a slight drop in volume, but it brings compression and warmth to your sound. You have two types of diodes with two different sounds to choose from. This makes it very flexible for use with different amp/guitar combinations.

If you choose to run the Flex Drive with the clip switch in the middle you will remove any diodes from the circuit. By doing this you hit the opamp straight away so it can create fuzz type tones in higher gain positions. This was designed to work as your boost mode. Keep the gain down around 9:00 or less and the volume becomes your boost volume. You can make it clean or slightly dirty by feathering in the gain to taste. The sweet spot to this pedal is when you have some volume cooking around 1-2:00.

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What our customers say...

"Great smooth transaction. Item as described. Thanks - TC Electronic Nova System Guitar Effect Processor with Flight Case"


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